China:  The Elephant in the Dairy Barn eBook

China has been the elephant in the dairy barn for the past 20 years. However, much of the reporting has been a manipulation of numbers and commentaries on reports generated at the governmental level. While statistics can tell part of a story and China’s population alone generates massive numbers, what’s the view from inside the country?

I pitched this concept to Progressive Dairyman and offered to interview five international dairy consultants to write a story from people who had “boots on the ground” experience.  I met my deadline and fulfilled the contract for a feature article which they selected as a cover story.  That article may be read at

However, because I always try to exceed my client’s expectations, I also provided them with a longer story gratis.  I thought this version might fill a need for their web publishing.  The editors were so pleased with the longer version, they chose to release it as an eBook with additional photos.  This publication paints a picture of the past, present, and future of the Chinese dairy industry.  You can download the book at

China:  The Elephant in the Dairy Barn was my first eBook for Progressive Dairyman magazine.  A second eBook describing the Immigration Issues under the new Trump administration will be released soon.



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