Development Director, The Livestock Conservancy

After informally consulting with this agriculture non-profit for almost three years, I accepted the invitation to join their team April 29, 2019 as the first Development Director.  The full-time position was created to help this forty year old non-profit raise charitable gifts in support of their critical mission of biodiversity.

The Livestock Conservancy (TLC) identifies and protects rare and endangered breeds of 11 livestock species.  More than 180 breeds are currently included on our 2019 Conservation Priority List.

Each year, TLC staff, volunteers, breeders, farmers, ranchers, and animal scientists work together to document the numbers of these animals throughout the United States.  This census enables us to focus conservation efforts on those animals and animal breeds at greatest risk. Since our work began more than 40 years ago, TLC has not lost a single breed to extinction.  By comparison, prior to our founding, six of the 13 breeds of swine which were in U.S. production during the 1930’s had become extinct.

Biodiversity is vitally important to both the environment and the agriculture of tomorrow.  The unique genetics of our rare and heritage breeds are simply priceless because we cannot foresee the needs only they may be able to fulfill.  If breeds are allowed to become extinct, their genetic value would be lost forever.

Please visit our website at for more information about our work and to learn how you can help save heritage livestock breeds from extinction.