Dairy Academic Challenges Chinese Dairies to Improve Cow Comfort, Manager Skills

Dr. Robert Collier, dairy expert, has made multiple trips to China, where he has advised central and southern dairy companies in the country. His laboratory work in environmental physiology studies the environmental effects on gene expression in domestic animals. Collier’s research occurs on operating dairies in both the U.S. and abroad, as well as controlled research facilities. His most recent scientific trial compared two different evaporative cooling systems on a commercial dairy farm in Saudi Arabia.

Collier served as one of five sources for the feature article “China: The Elephant in the Dairy Barn” which was the cover story for the August 8, 2016 issue of Progressive Dairyman.  I suggested publishing a profile of each source on the magazine’s web site in advance of the feature article.   This strategy established credibility of the sources and provided more detailed information regarding their experience.

This profile may be read in full at http://www.progressivedairy.com/topics/people/dairy-academic-challenges-chinese-dairies-to-improve-cow-comfort-manager-skills.  It was published on the Progressive Dairyman web site July 11, 2016.

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