Labor: What Will Change Under President Trump’s Executive Orders

Immigrant labor is a necessity on today’s dairy. From small farms that employ one milker to dairies with hundreds of workers, producers are watching the Trump administration with caution and facing the daily reality of operating their business under a broken system of immigration.

This article appeared in the April 18, 2017 issue of Progressive Dairyman magazine and may be read at

While researching the topic, I identified a number of supporting issues to tell the story of immigrant labor.  The magazine selected the following five topics for the article series:

  • “Disasters Happen:  How to Create a Crisis Plan”
  • “Why and How You Should Be Doing I-9 Practice Audits”
  • “Securing Visas for Dairy Laborers”
  • “Helping Workers Prepare for Possible Deportation”
  • “Preparing for a Workplace Raid by ICE”

In addition to releasing these article in print and on the magazine’s web site, they are packaging the series into an eBook on Immigration, my second.

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