Top 25 of 2018

Each year Progressive Dairyman magazine tracks their best-performing articles of the year based on the number of page views received.  In 2018, I was honored to have three of the Top 25 articles for the year as reported here

“‘Raising these calves saved me:’ The Story of Michigan Dairy Widow Amanda Leik” was the third most viewed article for the year.  Readers found Amanda Leik’s story filled with encouragement and hope. The Michigan dairy farmer lost her husband, Denny, in February 2015. She made the choice to continue farming alongside the couple’s three young daughters.  You can read her full story at

For some time now, the number of females attending colleges of veterinary medicine has surpassed the number of male enrollees. While the current nationwide enrollment stands around 80 percent women, most vets who retire in the coming years will be replaced by a female practitioner.  “If Your Current Vet Isn’t a Woman, Odds Are the Next One Will Be” described the changing face of veterinary medicine. It was the fifth best-performing article for the magazine in 2018 and may be read at

Progressive Dairyman’s special e-book, “Dairy Immigration Reform,” covered a wide range of immigrant labor issues, from the changing political landscape and enforcement actions, such as workplace raids and I-9 form audits, to providing advice on how to secure work visas and provide incentives to keep current farm employees.  While individual articles were published separately, the magazine assembled them into a useful eBook, my second for Progressive Dairyman.  It was the 16th most popular electronic publication in 2018 and may be read at